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We Buy Your House

 Get an offer in 24 hours!


We buy your house directly, allowing you to skip the hassles of listing, repairing or negotiating.

No Commission

$20,000+ Savings*

We buy house from you. There is no need to pay a real estate agent commission (*at least $20,000 savings on average). If we can't reach a purchase agreement, you can still list with us for free.

No Showings or Repairs

24 Hours Turnaround

You don't have to repair, stage or schedule for showings. We assess the property and fix it on our own. From the time you contact us, you can expect a decision in 24 hours.

Bridge Finance

Starting from 2.5%

We finance your transition by providing bridge loans, refinance mortgages and other types of financial products. Mortgage deals can be closed as fast as in 5 business days. Rates start from 2.5% annually.

How we come up with the offer?


regional data

Our machine-learning based models keep track of the sales data of houses in Ontario and identify the right neighborhood we'd like to buy from. 



We review recent deals in your community and assess the unique features of your house. Our models pay particular attention to upgrades.


market trends

Our pricing structure includes sales forecast and market trends. You get paid more if it's a great location with immense growth potential. 


We buy houses and condos in Toronto, North York, Mississauga, Oakville,  Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham,  Pickering, Oshawa, Kingston and Ottawa.