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 Real Estate Investing. Simplified.

  • Do you know the interest-only mortgage may bring you $3,000+ more cash flow every year?

  • Do you know 50-80% of your rental income can be added back to qualify you for a bigger home loan?

  • Do you know the interest you pay on investment properties is tax deductible? 

Buying properties can be tricky and stressful. Our platform simplifies real estate transactions and makes it as easy as trading stocks. 

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Want to get rid of the hassle of buying individual properties? Consider MICs. Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs) are pools of capital which invest in private mortgages and real estate. You might expect a 5-8% yield with relatively low risk. >>

Peace of Mind

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Positive cashflow properties can be extremely difficult to find. Our unique "Cash Now" product allows you to save more than $3,000 cash every year, giving you choice and flexibility with finances. In addition, you'll receive around $5,000 cash reward after closing. >> 

Cash Now

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Over 60% of home buyers believe that the down payment is a big barrier to home ownership. Our "5% Down" product helps you minimize the upfront cost while avoiding significant insurance premiums. >>

5% Down

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